Lost $napshots


1. Landsering av Mineralfusion 2.New York 3. Makron i Frankrike 4. «summer snapshot» 5. Chanel 6. Chanel på tur 7. Brooklyn bridge 8. Frankrike 9. Åskarr 10. Det beste jeg har spist 11. New york, beste stedet.

5 kommentarer om “Lost $napshots

  1. Hello, you are really beautiful in the nine photo! And, im asking myself where did you eat the food in the 10 image because im from Spain and in the north where I live is a typical meal. His name is » Megillones» , and i agree with you, is the most delicious thing i taste in my life, where do you taste eat?
    Good blog, beautiful girl. I love it! I vote for you in the Vixen Blog Awards hahaha 🙂


    1. Hi! How fun! The 10th image is from Méze in France,and North Spain is just an hour ago. So you’ve probably right!
      Thank you so much, how fun having a spanish reader too! And thanks for voting. Have a nice day!

      – Ada


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